Milam Family Related Internet Sites

I have found two Milam specific Web sites to be very informative and have shared my Milam document discoveries with the authors of both sites.

  1. (link): If one Googles "Milam", the first reference is usually . Oliver Milam has created the largest Milam genealogy Web site by far. It contains thousands of names. Oliver himself is encyclopedic in his knowledge of all things Milam, proctors the Milam blog on, and attentively oversees the Milam DNA Project. Yet he finds time to answer individual questions, including mine, on and his Web site. It is his passion! I highly recommend Oliver’s site for all things Milam. I am very honored by Oliver's email to me:
  2. "That is one good looking website, William!  Very classy looking and full of great content. Excellent job! I am thankful you are out there hunting down new info on Milams.  Please keep it going.  Milam posterity, present and future, thanks you.

    Take care, Oliver"

  3. Robert Wilbank IV (link): Eighteen years ago my sister, Carol Milam-Ogden, discovered Robert Wilbanks IV's The Milam Roots newsletter dedicated to Milam family genealogy and she subscribed. Carol also hired Robert to double-check if he could find the ancestors of Thomas Mylam of Orange County, Virginia (1738). No luck on the latter, however. And I haven't had any luck finding them either. Robert has been very generous in sharing his knowledge and research with me and has taken the time to answer my email queries. In particular, he shared draft chapters for a Milam book which provided me a timeline for Thomas and John Milam of the Piedmont region in Virginia. In addition, he referenced specific county court records which proved an invaluable start for my follow-up research.

As far as I know, Robert was the first researcher to discover that Thomas Milam most probably married Mary Rush, daughter of William Rush IV, based on his communications with Gaynelle Moore, a Rush family historian. I hope that one day Robert will have time to complete his important Milam history. I am very honored by Robert's recent email to me:

"Hi William,

I thoroughly reviewed your website and find it wonderfully fantastic. Great design and a wonderful wealth of information....

Congratulations, Robert"


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