Zachariah Bond to William Donald & Co 20 DEC 1773

Digital Image of BEDFORD COUNTY JUDGEMENTS, Box 38, 1773

At the Records Center of the Library of Virginia, Bedford County Judgments Box 38 contains the original papers of a lawsuit: William Donald & Co versus Zachariah Milam 20 DEC 1773.

26 JUL 1773 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 5A, Page 148.  W Donald & Co vs Zachariah Milam.  Judgment  according to Specialty. Attached effects. Continued.

Zachariah Milam owed a balance of £ 28 and 19 Shillings and 5 Pence to William Donald & Co. who owned a general store. Donald demanded payment and the court required Zachariah to sign a bond with a Security (link) who further guaranteed payment.

"Know all men by these presence that we Zachariah Millam and William Millam are held and firmly bound unto William Donald Junr & Co in the Just & full sum of Twenty Eight pounds Nineteen Shillings and five pence to which payment we do bind our selves and each of our heirs jointly and severally. Wittness our hand and Seals this 20 day of December 1773.

"The Condition of the above is such that whereas the Sheriff of Bedford has this day attachment on the goods and Chattles of Zachariah Millam for to satisfy Donald Junr & Co the sum of Fourteen Pounds and Nine Shilling and Eight Pence 1/2 now. in case the above party or either of them do well and truly pay the said sum in three months from this date with interest according to an Act of the Assembly maid and recorded for ____ then the above be Void Else to be in force.

Test: Wright "

Signed at bottom right: Zachariah Millam, William Millam

William Millam signed as Zachariah' Security (link) for this debt as you may read below.

Zachariah and William Millam signed a Security Bond to William Donald 20 DEC 1773
Zachariah MIlam Bond to William Donald Co 20 DEC 1773

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