John Kelly Bond to James Montgomery, Bedford County 31 Oct 1768

Digital Image of BEDFORD COUNTY LOOSE PAPERS, Judgments, April 1770


"I promise to pay or Cause it to be paid unto James Montgomery the full and Just Sum of £ 3. 15. 00 Current money of Virginia on or Before the Last day of may Next { 1769 } for Value Received of him. John Kelley

Witnesses John Loving Jr & Joseph Robins"

Below this bond is the Writ issued by Ben Howard, Clerk of Court for Bedford County, for John Kelly to appear at the April 1770 court.

John Kelly bond to Montgomery 1768


"George the third by the grace of God of great Britain, France & Ireland, King and Defender of the faith. To the Sheriff of Bedford County greetings, we command you that you summons John Kelly to appear before the Justices the 4th Thursday in next Month to answer the Petition of James Montgomery exhibited against him & have then there this Writ. Ben Howard Clerk of our said Court the 28th day of March in the 10th year of our reign."

Wirt issued for John Kelly to appear April 1770 court

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