Milam and Kelly Petition for a Road to Poteat's Gap, July 1783 - COPY

Digital Image of BEDFORD COUNTY LOOSE PAPERS, Road Petitions, 1783

"To the Worshipful Court of Bedford County, The petition of sundry of the Inhabitants of Bedford County Humbly Beseacheth That your Petitioners Labour under Great Inconveniences for the want of a Road from Halley's Gap to Peteat's Gap along a Road opened by Francis Halley which is Far the Nearest and Best Way. The way that Now is, is a Difficult Hilly way and by some Distance the Fartherest, And Likewise runs through the Plantation and Orchard of Peter Wilkerson and Is a Great Detriment to him. And ever hope your worships will consider These Inconveniences As we are convinced that a much Difficulter Way could not be Got Than For it to Run through the Orchard and Plantation of the said Peter Wilkerson. We shall cease to Trouble You any Futher, But rest Satisfyed that Your Homorable Court will Not neglect to promote every useful Purpose that shall come before You and your petitioners as In Duty Bound shall Pray." [497]

This is a copy made by the Bedford Clerk of Court of a poorly ledgible original. William Milam is in the left column while Zachariah Milam and Benjamin and James Kelley are in the right column.

1783 Bedford Road Petition with Milam and Kelley Names

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