Oath of Affirmation, Page 2

Captain Charles Gwatkins' Company signatures were collected by Justice Isham Talbot


Gwatkins' Company continues on this, page two, at the top of the left column. There are the signatures of fifty men in total , many of whom are known to have been in Gwatkins' Company including Bartholomew Geddy and Joseph Jackson who signed on the left column on this page.

Justice Talbot: "I do hereby certify the before mentioned persons took the before mentioned Oath before me. Isham Talbot. A list of the recusants was given to Col. Quarls but at this time don't recollect who they were. Is. Talbot."


Joseph Jackson was the brother of John Milam's wife, Anne Jackson Milam, and was captured at Blue Licks on February 8th, 1778. Daniel Boone, Joseph Jackson, Benjamin Kelly and six others were "adopted" by the Shawnee at Little Chillicothe on the Miami River in Ohio. Jackson remained with the Indians for more than two decades until 1799. [501]


Oath of Affirmation Isham Talbot List page 2

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