Cedar Park House 1702, Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Cedar Park was originally constructed in 1702 as a 1 1/2 story post-in-the-ground dwelling with handhewn timbers, riven clapboards and with chimneys at both gables. The oldest portion, the one story hall-and-parlor section and porch tower, is the earliest surviving earthfast constructed house in Maryland and Virginia. Its massive timber frame rested on 12 hole-set posts and its exterior walls, roof and porch tower were originally sheathed in oak clapboards. It survived until this day only because of continuous repairs, a series of additions and, in the mid eighteenth century, the wooden structure was underpinned with a brick foundation and faced with a brick skin. [357]

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Photo of Historic Cedar Park House, Maryland


View of West side of Cedar Park.


Photo of Cedar Park Brickwork


Mid eighteenth century decorative brickwork on a pilaster featuring blue glazed headers.

On the right is pure "header bond" brickwork which covered most of the house.


Sketch by Delos H. Smith 1940


A 1940 sketch of the additions to Cedar Park by Delos H. Smith.


Cedar Park East View


On the east side of the house, a two-story addition projects from the older section.

The first floor of this wing was built of brick circa 1800; the second story of frame was added circa 1835.

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