Lois Faye Miller (1918 - 1968)

Aunt Lois was the second child born to Wayne Miller and Icie Cunningham Miller

Less than a handful of pictures of Aunt Lois have come down to us.

Portrait of Lois Miller around 1940.

Lois Miller
Lois Faye Miller

Lois Miller holding baby Cliff Miller, her brother Delbert's son. Summer 1954.

Cliff Miller was born on 24 JUL 1954.

Aunt Lois and baby Cliff Miller
Lois Miller holding baby Cliff Miller

Lois Miller, Icie Cunningham Miller and Faye Miller in front of house at Wayne Miller's farm, May 1959.

Lois, Icie and Faye
Lois, Icie and Faye Miller

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