James Lakin Milam (10 MAY 1920 - 2 AUG 1979) - Uncle Lakin

Uncle Lakin was the third child of Claude E. Milam Sr and Girtha Jane Fisher Milam. These are the pictures of James Lakin Milam which I been able to acquire.

Earliest Photo I have of Uncle Lakin.

James Lakin Milam.                                
Young James Lakin Milam

Weirton Steel Tin Mill baseball team, the Cold Rollers. Freer is at the upper, far right with his brother, Lakin next to him.
Lakin was said to be an ace pitcher and pro material.

Cold Rollers Baseball Team late 1930s.
Lakin was pitcher for Cold Rollers

Lakin standing by his car. 1930s

James Lakin Milam
Lakin standing by his car.

Clara Stancil with her sister Sue (on L).

Clara Stancil
Clara Stancil and her sister Sue

Clara Stancil

Clara Stancil
Clara Stancil

Uncle Lakin with his fiancee, Clara, and her family. 1930s

Uncle Lakin, Clara then members of Clara's family.
Lakin, wife Clara and her Brothers

Clara with Lakin holding baby, Donna. 1942

Clara and Lakin
Clara with Lakin holding baby Donna

Freer with Billy and brother, Lakin, holding Donna Spring 1942.

Cold Rolle
Freer with Billy and Lakin with Donna

Second Christmas in Freer and Christine's new home with brother Lakin and Clara. 1949

Freer, Christine, Clara and Lakin. I probably took this picture!
Freer, Christine, Clara and Lakin 1949

Lakin (on R) with daughter, Donna, and older brother Freer at Claude and Girtha's piano. 1954

Freer, neice Donna and her father Lakin at piano

Claude and Girtha's 50th Wedding Anniversary in August 1961. Seated in front are Girtha and Claude looking very pleased as Uncle Lakin spoke to them. Standing from the left are Uncle Lakin's wife, Aunt Clara, Uncle Dix's wife, Aunt Helen, Freer's wife, Christine, and Aunt Martha's husband, "Butch" Singleton. Everyone liked Uncle Lakin and you can see that Christine is tickled as well. This photo was taken only two months before Granddad Claude Milam died of leukemia. August 1961

Grandpa Claude and Grandma Girtha's 50th Wedding Anniversary.
50th Wedding Anniversary


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