Christina Leota Miller (1 SEP 1915 - 15 JAN 2002)

My mother, Christine, was the first child born to Delbert Wayne Miller and Icie Erdine Cunningham. These are the pictures of our mother which have come down to us.

Christine holding a bouquet of flowers on the front porch of their home, about age 2 1/2.

Christine age 3

Christine Miller's High School Graduation Picture. 1934

Christine rode horseback to obtain her High School degree. She greatly valued education.
Christine High School Graduation 1934

Christine with a horse. Unknown date.

Christine with her horse.

On the left, Christine and her sister, Faye (R). On the right, Christine posed with her cousin, Phyllis Derrick (L), daughter of Olia Cunningham Derrick - "Aunt Oli" - Grandma Icie Miller's sister. Mid 1930s

Christine and her sister, Faye.                                                     Christine and her cousine, Phyllis Derrick.
Chrisitine and sister, Faye Christine and cousin, Phyllis

On the left, Christine 1935 and on the right, Christine. 1937

Charleston, WV                                                     Charleston, WV
Christine Miller sitting 1935 Christine Miller sitting 1937

Portrait of Christine Miller. 1938

Portrait of Christine Miller 1937

Christine posed with an automoble and with lady friends on a road trip out of state.

Christine sitting on a car 1939 Christine and friends on roadtrip

Freer and Christine. 1939

Christine and Freer about 1939.
Christine and Freer 1939

Christine and Freer. Labeled her birthday 1 September 1940. They were married on 8 NOV 1940.

It's possible this photo was taken the same day as the previous one. So Dix may have taken it.
Freer and Christine on her birthday September 1 1940.

Freer and Christine first son Billy in Spring 1942. Euclid Avenue, Steubenville, Ohio.

Freer and Christine with son, Billy, Spring 1942
Freer & Christine with Billy

Portrait of Private William Freer Milam and Christine with Billy, Spring 1943.

Portrait of Private William Freer Milam, Christine and Billy
Private Freer Milam in Uniform

Corporal Milam and two year old son, Billy, Fall 1943.

Ent Air Force Base, CO
Corporal Milam and Billy in Colorado 1943

Christine and Staff Sargeant Milam with family visit to the Garden of the Gods, Colorado. 1945

Freer and Christine often spoke of the Garden of the Gods which was near Colorado Springs.
Freer's Family Garden of the Gods 1944

Christine with Freer's mother, Girtha, who is holding baby Carol. Billy (L) & Bobby. Weirton, WV. 1946

Carol, Billy and Bob are Freer and Christine's children.
Christine, Girtha, Carol, Bob and Billy

Freer digging the "footer" for their new house in the village of Wintersville, OH. 1946

Freer with Bob, Carol and Bill (L to R).
Freer Digginig Footer 1946

Bob, Carol and Bill (L to R) in front of their new house in Wintersville. 1946 and 1947

Wintersville house construction in November 1946.                      Wintersville house after completion in 1947.
Wintersviille House construction 1946 Wintersville House 1947

Freer and Christine sitting on their new sofa. Interesting story about the dark green wall in the living room. Around the time their new house was built, they had discovered a house in Steubenville where at night one could see the dark green wall in the living room. We slowly drove by a number of times admiring it. Eventually Christine visited during the day and asked the lady of the house about the color. Nothing stopped my Mom! About 1949

Freer and Christine sitting on red sofa 1951

Christmas in Freer and Christine's new home with Freer's brother Lakin and Clara. 1949

Freer, Christine, Clara and Lakin. I probably took this picture!
Freer, Christine, Clara and Lakin 1949

Freer and Christine playing pool in their recreation room. 1950s

Freer walled off about half the basement and finished the room with mahogany plywood and the tile ceiling. Later they added a lovely stone fireplace. It was a popular room for our friends especially during our high school years.

Christine and Freer playing pool at their home.

Christine was an advid gardener and was still taking care of her peony flowers and mowing the large lawn after Freer passed (1993). These photos were taken on 2 JUL 1995 when she was still going strong at age 80. Mom at first insisted that she take her hat off but then was amused that I wanted to capture her with the hat on.

Christinenin her gardening clothes Christine at age 80 1995


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