Map of Battle of Guilford Courthouse 15 MAR 1781

Gen Nathaniel Greene anchored his right flank of the First Line with 200 Riflemen from Col Charles Lynch's Battalion, 100 Regulars from Delaware and Lt Col William Washington Calvary. After the First Line fired two shots, it and the troops of the right and left franks were to retire into the woods and support the Second Line. Much of the battle was fought around the Second Line in the woods where the Patriot's militia and riflemen had the cover of trees. When ordered the Second Line could fall back to the Third Line near the Courthouse. The troops of the right and left flanks were also to retire to the Third Line.

"The dense woods dictated that on the right flank fighting took place at a much closer range, most behind the thickest trees. Delaware Continental Capt. Robert Kirkwood and Virginia Militia Col. Charles Lynch began a fighting withdrawal pulling the Jäegers and Guards Light Infantry, among others, northward. Some of the worst fighting occurred on these flanks. Virginia Col. Charles Lynch lost four of his ten company commanders. He also had eleven (11) enlisted men killed and many wounded. Capt. Robert Kirkwood (DE) and Capt. Philip Huffman (VA) and their Continentals fought courageously, even driving the enemy backwards on one occasion. As the second line collapsed they skillfully made their way back to the third line."

My yellow line shows the movement of Col Lynch's Virginia {Bedford County} Riflemen. [515]


Map of Battle at Guilford Courthouse

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